• Frozen Foods

    ‘Heat and eat’ homely cooked food products that are frozen under -18 degrees are one of our main provisions. Simply put it in microwave and serve hot.                      

  • Traditional chips

    Check out the addictive, crispy and tasty traditional snacks that are pleasantly flavoured to suit the yearnings of one and all.

  • Candy Saga

    We sell the finest of nuts, chocolates, dried fruits and all varieties of Kerala traditional candies that you could ever dream of.

Sorting Phase

Finest raw materials are sorted out from the whole cultivated products so as to meet the promised quality and standards.

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Production Phase

The sorted raw materials are processed and are subjected to many processing steps which includes slicing, cooking etc.

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Packing Phase

The produced foods are inspected and checked against all the quality benchmarks we follow and then freezed and packed into the appropriated packages.

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Distribution Phase

The packed products are then transferred to sealed boxes for shipping. Thus shipped products are reached through our wide spread distributors.

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  • Luscious pickles

    The whole range of pickles from us prepared in precise Kerala style make you delve deep into the nostalgic memories of your homeland.

  • Spicy corner

    We provide a wide exquisite selection of natural and organic spices for any dishes that you would love to prepare.

  • Rice & Rice Powders

    We provides a wide range of rice and rice powders. Each taste brings you those memories we had in our traditionally rich past.